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Welcome to the Samurai Champloo RPG Community!
I'm Isshin, the creator and mod of this community, feel free to join ne?
Please take your time with reading the rules and character list. Arigato!

How to join:
Please select a character that's not taken. You can email your application at gray_kitsune@hotmail.com or IM me if you like. [Requirements Below]

- Name/LJ user
- Email
- Character you'd like to RP as
- Sample Entry [It doesn't have to be long, but atleast be literate/semi-literate ne? ^^]

o1. Definitely NO GODMODING. You may not kill anyone's character or yours either. If your character plans to hurt another one, please talk to the player beforehand.
o2. Swearing is allowed, of course. Just don't over do it.
o3. Please try to stay in character and be active.
o4. If you need to say something OOC (out of character), use "[ ]" or "( )"
o5. This is a friendly RP. Yaoi, Yuri, and Het are allowed. :3
o6. Original Characters may join, but I need a brief description about them. A picture will help too, but it's optional.
o7. Start joining and have fun! XD

Main Characters:

Fuu - pink_fuu
Mugen - beatb0x_bandit
Jin - Available

Other Characters from SC:

Yatsuha - bogus_booty
Shino - shinos_lullaby
Kohza - kohza_the_meek

[ Whoever you could think of that's alive in the Samurai Champloo series. I won't be listing them down because I don't have time to do that. XP ]

Orginial Characters: