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Kohza - Samurai Champloo Role-playing Community
The journey starts here
She was a very pretty girl, yet she would never let herself admit
this fault, the puce of her shaggy locks hanging about her face as she
leaned in over a nearby brook and admired her reflection in utter
revulsion. Her current job description had required her to hack her
hair in a short and messy fashion, thus leaving her with the brummagem
appearance of a boy. Amazingly, this little transformation had only
left her looking more lovely and innocent than before, which truly
helped her case a great deal when she traveled from town to town.
The streets of Japan were very dangerous, after all, thus why she
desired to be as masculine as possible so that she wouldn't be
targeted by bandits, or far worse, assassins.

Subconsciously grasping at the scabbard attached to her belt, the
clear brown of her eyes shone with a bitterness that only a true Ryukyuan
such as herself could know, her soft lips which had always curved
upwards into the most charming of smiles now in a flat and grim plane
of desolation as she envisioned her sensei.

'Kohza' he had whispered, the dark twinkling of his irises immediately
disarming her, 'you have done exceptionally well these past few years,
but now I am afraid that you must move on and fulfill your task. Do
whatever it is possible to find this vagrant, and when you do, you
must slay him. It is his duty to abide by your request to fight, for
he has wronged you as you have wronged him - you both deserve

'Hai, sensei' she had agreed, bowing as he placed a hand over her head
and affectionately stroked her silken locks.

When she'd finally returned his gaze, her sensi was smiling, yet she
didn't know whether to laugh or cry when he told her to go.

That had all been six months ago - six long, arduous months of searching
for the one man who could single-handedly end her inner pains and

Granted, Kohza had been somewhat in love with Mugen as a child, but
now she desired revenge since he had refused her offer to let her
travel alongside him and his companions.

She had really taken a shine to the girl and the ronin, however - Fuu
had been a terribly delightful confidant, and Jin the perfect gullible
fool. When she said 'go', he took off like a bullet to avenge
Mugen's 'alleged death', which had delighted her immensely. The ronin
had been easier to mold than clay, and, as a manipulative young woman,
she adored men that could be controlled like toys.

Taking one last look at her reflection, Kohza hoisted herself back up
and to her knees, a bitter smile tugging at the corners of her lips as
she whispered softly into the cool spring air, "Until we meet again,

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