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Samurai Champloo Role-playing Community
The journey starts here
Strange CircumstancesCollapse )

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Requiem for the DamnedCollapse )

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Fuu moved through the teahouse with a grace free of almost any vestiges of the clumsiness that marked her earlier years. She still had her moments but in this town everyone knew the pretty young waitress who was occasionally clumsy, and just adored her all the more for it.

It wasn’t everyday that a young girl blows into a town with no relations or guardianship and takes up an abandoned hut on her own.


Fuu turned her head as the teahouse flap was brushed to the side.

“Can I get you anything to drink sir?”

He was tall and looked dangerous but he was also beautiful in a cutthroat way, just like someone she once knew. So while the other waitresses shied away from his table she sauntered over and smiled, recalling the glimmering feral eyes of someone lost in her past. Mild surprise brewed in his eyes at the dreamy, faraway smile of the young, beautiful waitress.

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It's been quite boring without the two weirdos around. I spent my time walking aimlessly, hoping to find food somewhere.

I stumbled upon another tea shop and what luck! I got hired to be a waitress again. Atleast for the time being. I don't plan to stay in this town long, but for now it's the only thing keeping me busy and the only place where I can get food.

Anyways, I'm keeping this short. More customers are starting to show up. >.<;

~ Fuu

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This community is now open to all. :3
Please read all rules before joining. Thank you.

- Isshin

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