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Fuu moved through the teahouse with a grace free of almost any… - Samurai Champloo Role-playing Community
The journey starts here
Fuu moved through the teahouse with a grace free of almost any vestiges of the clumsiness that marked her earlier years. She still had her moments but in this town everyone knew the pretty young waitress who was occasionally clumsy, and just adored her all the more for it.

It wasn’t everyday that a young girl blows into a town with no relations or guardianship and takes up an abandoned hut on her own.


Fuu turned her head as the teahouse flap was brushed to the side.

“Can I get you anything to drink sir?”

He was tall and looked dangerous but he was also beautiful in a cutthroat way, just like someone she once knew. So while the other waitresses shied away from his table she sauntered over and smiled, recalling the glimmering feral eyes of someone lost in her past. Mild surprise brewed in his eyes at the dreamy, faraway smile of the young, beautiful waitress.

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From: bogus_booty Date: February 7th, 2007 06:03 pm (UTC) (Link)
The middle-aged man recognized him on the dime, and Yatsuha was soon aware when he traced a certain pattern on her thigh. The message came and went, and she squirmed playfully, lightly patting his shoulder; "Stop that!"

Peering closer, she became sure. It was him.

But for the time-being, she occupied herself with bobbed dumplings, eyes flickering towards the man every once in a while. He looked collected, not vicious, so he probably wasn't going to go in for the kill just yet.
From: pink_fuu Date: February 8th, 2007 06:19 am (UTC) (Link)
“Sake,” he grunted.

She swished away on long, shapely legs and disappeared into the kitchen.
She returned shortly with a bottle and small cup and wordlessly poured for him. He was surprised at her lackadaisical mannerisms towards one such as himself. He knew he was intimidating, yet this slip of a girl was completely unafraid. She took his food order and disappeared again.

Fuu cut through the crowded teahouse with ease, bearing a steaming plate of dumplings for another customer, a woman accompanied by a man sitting at a table not too far from the man she served earlier. She set down her food and drifted away, unfazed by her dark eyes that had lost their hard edge.
From: bogus_booty Date: February 9th, 2007 05:07 am (UTC) (Link)
Yatsuha was having a hard time figuring out what the man's methods were going to be. Usually, Yamada Sousuke's tool of the trade was a quaint bottle of poison, but it certainly wouldn't make sense to poison a waitress who wasn't eating. Her partner carressed her back, reminding her to remain in-character. She was tensing up.

In any case, it was best to keep this girl out of danger. With a breath, she raised her hand and waved it.

"Waitress!" she called in a sing-song voice, "Can we get some more dumplings, please? And maybe another cup of tea. We're absolutely famished!"

She noticed the way their target's hand fidgeted inside his sleeve, so her own hand moved to a thin needle stuck into her kimono.
From: pink_fuu Date: February 9th, 2007 06:23 am (UTC) (Link)
Fuu stared at the teahouse flap as if she was waiting for something or atleast... someone.
Several customers have entered, but she never bothered paying attention to any of them. She was too pre-occupied reminiscing about the day when it all happened. When they showed up.

She gave out a small sigh, "Ha. What was I thinking?"


"Waitress! Can we get some more dumplings, please? And maybe another cup of tea. We're absolutely famished!"

"Coming right up," she replied.

Fuu took the empty dishes from their table and headed back towards the kitchen.

After a short while, she returned with a tray on both hands. "Here you go," she smiled brightly, "Tea and dumplings.. Is there anything else you'd like?"

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From: bogus_booty Date: February 12th, 2007 07:30 am (UTC) (Link)
Yatsuha's eyes flickered from the young waitress and to the aged man, repeatedly, wary of any sort of movements that he was about to make. When he still lacked movement, she smiled graciously up at Fuu and took the dumplings, and then gave a shake of her head.

"No, thank you."

Inconveniently, it was when she took her eyes off for longer than a second when something had been flicked towards the young waitress's back. While her partner had caught it in time, Yatsuha grimaced and pulled Fuu down by her wrist.

"Get down!" she sharply demanded, although her own back remained straight as to keep in touch with what was suddenly going on.

Fuu shrieked as the young lady pulled her down, dropping the empty tray that was in her hand during the process.

"What do you think you're doing?!" she said, trying not to raise her voice at Yatsuha.

She was shocked and annoyed at the same time, unaware of what was being aimed at her from behind. Actually, she was rather upset at the fact she embarassed herself in front of the customers.

Yatsuha only ignored her while she watched the two before her, all the while getting her own self ready. From her kimono she drew a needle, and while distracted, she shot it at the offender.

"Missed," she muttered, but the direction of the needle had attracted his attention. Most of the customers had long since flooded out, so most of the damage could only hurt the ones in the room.

"Get into the kitchen," Yatsuha calmly whispered into her ear. "I'll cover you, so just go."

" ..Alright," Fuu nodded quickly while picking herself up from the ground. She was unsure whether she should trust Yatsuha or not, but hey, what has she got to lose? Carefully, the young waitress made her way to the kitchen, grabbing her belongings and stuffing them inside her left sleeve.

After making sure that Fuu was safe behind the wall, she poked her head through the flaps to make sure that her partner had everything under control, and then looked back at her. Other waitresses and the cooks gave her a confused look, so she took it upon herself to explain, kind of:

"Don't mind us! Uhm, we're just having a meeting right now, yes!"

While speaking, she looked around the room as to make sure that no one else was making their way into the back. She then looked back through the flaps, and then back at Fuu.

"Those dumplings were delicious, by the way." While her voice was still in-character, the statement was nothing short of the truth.

Fuu stared at the woman strangely, "Er.. We have more if you want? But do you have enough money to pay? I mean you didn't--"

She was cut off as a dagger flew past the side of their faces. The young girl's face almost dropped when she saw few strands of hair falling to the ground.

"..He is so dead."

Yatsuha's eyes followed the dagger, and as she suspected, it had come from the main room. Muttering a curse, she launched herself into the other room. "Shit. No, Tadakatsu!"

Upon seeing her partner at the mercy of her foe, she made a step forward and looked back at Fuu, who appeared to be giving in to her own temper (which did not help, by any means), but nevertheless safe.

With that, she pulled another pin from her hair and flicked it towards her foe, all the while unaware of the one who had entered through the kitchen. The gasps and screams from the cooks and waitresses were enough for her to know that their mission was in jeopardy.

Her pin, though small yet lethal, had punched its way into the enemy's shoulder, but that hardly mattered, anymore.

"Girl, watch out!" she barked, but she had only gotten the first word out by the time the offender, one she recognized as Kyojyuu, had latched his dark arm around Fuu's waist.

Fuu was about to reach into her right sleeve to pull out her tanto, but before she was able to do so, Kyojyuu had quickly covered her nose and mouth with a cloth that held an unidentified scent.

She struggled, trying to break free from his grip but it was no use. He was much stronger, and the whatever that was sprayed onto that cloth was kicking in. Fuu felt as if her whole body was turning numb, and slowly she was drifting off to sleep.
From: bogus_booty Date: February 12th, 2007 07:31 am (UTC) (Link)
Comrade, mission, comrade, mission... This was troublesome, but she had always been taught to look out for her comrades before giving way to her mission. On the other hand, Tadakatsu was a trained professional, and surely he would understand. With a grimace, she chased after Kyojyuu, who only proved to be too fast for her.

Damn this kimono, she thought.

With a sigh, she looked back at the cooks and waitresses-- some who demanded an answer from her, and others who were only purely afraid of her. Either way, it was only best that she didn't say a word. She rushed back into the other room -- their first foe had been long since gone, but there wasn't a doubt in her mind that the poison had kicked in -- and gathered Tadakatsu on her shoulder.

"Wait!" an older cook demanded, and she halted in her footsteps. "Two men just assaulted our restaurant and escaped with out best waitress. We want an explanation for this!"

It was understandable. She frowned and looked toward Tadakatsu. "I can't answer that. I'm sorry." Ignoring the further shouts, she made her exit and continued to lug her partner to the nearest medical facility.

[ooc: END. Completed over MSN.]
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